How much does a funeral cost?

Funeral costs in the UK can vary depending on factors like where the service is held and if the deceased is buried or cremated. If you’re arranging the funeral of a loved one, you’ll need to know exactly how much a funeral costs so that you can make the appropriate arrangements.

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The average cost of a UK funeral in 2021 was £3,885 if having a cremation and £4,975 if choosing a burial. On average the cost of a burial is £1,117 more than cremation. However, it's important to remember that these costs vary dramatically by region.

In London, for example, the average cremation funeral cost was £5,235 compared with £4,488 in the Midlands and £3,222 in Northern Ireland.

Third party costs

Alongside funeral director’s fees and doctor’s fees you’ll need to pay burial or cremation costs. These are third party fees and cover anything not provided by the funeral directors and include the actual process of burial or cremation, depending on your service.

Cremation/burial fees

Cremation or burial fees are the cost of cremating or burying your loved one at your local crematorium or cemetery. This includes the use of facilities at your local crematorium or the cost of a burial plot within your chosen churchyard or cemetery.

Doctor’s fees

The Doctor’s fees are needed to obtain cremation certificates required to carry out the service. Without them, there can be no cremation.

Minister’s fees

Minister’s fees cover the cost of the person conducting the service. This doesn't have to be a minister, it could be another member of the clergy or celebrant who leads the service.

Service Cremations Burials
Average Cost £3,885 £4,975
Funeral director’s fees £2,687 £2,687
Doctors Fees £82 x
Funeral director’s fees £169 £169
Cremation / Burial Fees Location dependant Location dependant

There are some optional extras that can be included in the cost of a funeral, depending on the service you choose for your loved one. Things like the scattering of ashes, visual tributes and live streaming of the ceremony can all add to the cost.

When it comes to paying for the funeral of a loved one, you have several options. If you’d like to include a service that can be attended by family and friends, then choose a private cremation. Prices start from £1,345 and your personal advisor can help with any optional extras you’d like to include.

If a cheaper option would be more appropriate, a direct cremation is a suitable alternative. Starting from just £995, a direct cremation includes everything needed for a funeral without the pomp of a traditional service.

There is also the option to spread the cost of a funeral out over time. A funeral plan lets you pay for a funeral over a period of time that suits you. Taking out a plan also means you can plan your funeral to be the way you’d like it to be, taking the stress of family at what is a very difficult time.

Reduce the cost of a funeral

If you need to reduce the cost of a funeral, you should consider a direct cremation. Typically, cremations are cheaper than burials and with a direct cremation, none of the extras you get with a traditional funeral are included. This means the total cost is much lower.

Even though this is our most affordable choice, the quality of care and attention to detail your loved one receives is the same level as with a private cremation.

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