Private Cremation from £1,345

If you are organising a short basic funeral, a private direct cremation service may be the right choice. You can have up to 15 people attending and a 15 minute service, making this a simple and affordable option. We will manage all the funeral arrangements and paperwork.
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If you are organising a short basic funeral, a private direct cremation service may be the right choice. You can have up to 15 people attending and a 15 minute service, making this a simple and affordable option. We will manage all the funeral arrangements and paperwork.
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Why choose a Private Cremation

Arrange a Private Service and Cremation

A Private Direct Cremation. Arrange a simple low-cost private funeral. There are no processions, flowers, pallbearers and limousines- just a simple and affordable cremation service. Nothing more and nothing less. With a small private group of family and friends and short service you can remember your loved one with a dignified private cremation in a high-quality crematorium surrounded by beautiful grounds that you can choose to visit at any time.

What's Included in a private cremation?

Collection and Care of The Deceased. We have specialised funeral vehicles and an experienced funeral team who will bring the deceased to our professional mortuary where they’ll be respectfully prepared and dressed for the cremation.

24 hours, 7 days a Week Support. For comfort and reassurance every family has a Personal Advisor to answer any questions. Our team is available 24-hours-a-day and will help to make all the funeral arrangements to pick up the deceased, keep you informed, complete the legal and cremation paperwork. On the day the Chapel Attendant will be there to support you and ensure everything is as you requested.

A Simple Coffin. A simple but good quality wood effect coffin is provided

Attendance of up to 15 people at the Private Funeral. An opportunity for a small number of family and friends to be together to take some time to reflect and say farewell to the deceased in the crematoria chapel.

15 Minute Funeral Service. The service will be 15 minutes giving family and friends time for a reading, a few words and a piece of music. These services are typically led by family and friends but our Chapel Attendant, who will play the music as planned, can assist with any introductions.

The Cremation. You can choose a crematorium from our network that suits you. The cremation will take place early morning which you’ll organise with your Personal Advisor. You are more than welcome to visit the grounds at any time.

Ashes scattered in the Garden of Remembrance. The ashes are carefully scattered in our remembrance gardens which are beautifully landscaped gardens. Your loved one’s ashes can also be returned by hand to you within 21 days for a cost of £75.

What’s Not Included?

This is a simple direct cremation and there will be no viewing of the deceased, processions, hearses or flowers. Doctor’s fees and removing pacemakers and artificial limbs will incur an additional cost.

Just 3 steps

Call us


Call Us

Our advisors are here 24/7 to make all the arrangements to collect the deceased and help complete any paperwork.



Choose a Service

Choose how many people will attend the service or there is an option for an unattended cremation too.



The Cremation

If you have a private cremation with a simple service the Chapel Attendant will support you on the day. Ashes can either be scattered in the gardens or returned within 21 days.

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Great product ,excellent communication

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Very good service helpfully staff

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This plan is exactly what my husband and I were looking for. It totally meets our wishes.


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This plan suited my needs And special requests

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It was such a relief to have this sort of service and a weight has been taken off my mind - I don't have to worry any more. I will definitely recommend... Read more


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Good value for money- clear details on each plan

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It was a perfect 5 star service which I have recommended to my friends and they were amazed at the excellent price of the choices as I was.


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Very good the way they handled everything


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No problem, cheaper and easy



Certainly not the cheapest but the service was great

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Why Distinct Cremations?

Frequently asked questions

While we endeavour to cremate the deceased as soon as possible following the service this isn't always possible. However, the cremation is always completed with 24-hours of arrival at the crematorium

Cremation services typically last between 15 and 45 minutes, depending on the type of service chosen. For an unattended cremation there’s no service held before the cremation takes place.

The coffin is burned alongside the body of the deceased inside the cremator.

Our crematoria feature state-of-the-art downloadable music systems, allowing us to play any piece of music you want as long as it's been commercially recorded and released.

A Direct Cremation is a simple cremation without a funeral service and all the additional expenses such as flowers. However, the family can make arrangements for flowers to be delivered to the crematorium directly should they wish.

We’ll keep the deceased dressed in the same clothes they were wearing when they entered our care unless otherwise requested. If you’ve got a specific outfit you’d like them to wear, just let us know and provide it prior to the cremation.

For a Direct Cremation we provide a simple MDF coffin, and for an attended cremation we provide unvarnished veneered chipboard coffins.

On average it takes around two hours to cremate a body, but it can sometimes be longer or shorter in certain circumstances.