Funeral payment plans explained

- 05/11/21

Funeral payment plans are a great way to spread the cost of funeral arrangements over an agreed period. This is the perfect option for anyone looking to pay for their funeral in advance but might not be able to afford the whole cost upfront. This way, they can have peace of mind knowing that everything will be taken care of in a way that suits their budget.

What is a funeral payment plan?

Funeral payment plans are schemes set up specifically to help people pay for funerals in advance. With average funeral costs in the UK rising each year, more and more people are choosing to take care of the costs in advance by using a funeral payment plan.

There are options to pay for funeral plans in monthly instalments or one lump sum, should you choose. Opting for a monthly plan means the cost is spread over an agreed period that suits both you and your budget.

One of the major benefits of using a funeral payment plan is that it protects you and your family against rising costs. Typically, a funeral plan will lock in your funeral at the price you paid regardless of how much a funeral costs when the funeral is needed.

With recent research by Distinct Cremations finding that 47% of Brits would not be able to afford the cost of a funeral if a loved one passed away, a prepaid funeral plan helps alleviate any financial pressures that may be placed on your family during what is already an extremely difficult time[1].

What does a prepaid funeral plan cover?

The contents of a funeral plan vary depending on the plan itself and its provider.

At Distinct Cremations, we understand the value and meaning behind traditional funeral services. However, we also believe that there are alternative, more affordable options that represent both a dignified send-off and good value.

Our range of cremation plans cover everything from the simple unattended direct cremations through to large attended services. All of our plans include the collection of the deceased, professional care in our state-of-the-art mortuary, help with paperwork and a simple coffin & urn. Additional services provided, depending on which cremation plan you choose.

Your specific needs and requests will be managed by one of our advisors. They’ll help to ensure everything is in place when the time comes, and all families will need to do is contact us to begin procedures. Having a plan in place with us helps to take pressure off loved ones during mourning. And by spreading the cost with a payment plan, you don’t have to worry about having to pay the full amount upfront.

Our cremation plans do not feature many of the ceremonial aspects that traditionally come with funerals such as a hearse or limousine precession. By removing many of the expensive extras associated with traditional funerals our plans can be offered at a much more affordable price.

Choosing a monthly funeral plan

Funeral plans come in all shapes and sizes and it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the choice. Here at Distinct Cremations, we offer three simple packages for those looking to pay for their funeral in advance - starting at £1,475.

The first question you need to ask yourself is would you like a funeral that is attended or unattended? If attended, you’ll need to select your plan based on the number of attendees.

Individual Cremation Plan

Our Individual Cremation Plan is the ideal choice if you’re looking for an unattended funeral. At £1,475, the Individual Cremation Plan offers the best value and features all of the essentials such as collection, preparation, professional care, help with legalities and a simple coffin & urn. Then we’ll either scatter the ashes in our garden of remembrance or return them to your family.

Discreet Cremation Plan

Our Discreet Cremation Plan offers all of the elements included within our Individual Cremation Plans along with the ability to have an intimate service with up to 15 people at your choice of crematoria within our network. Ashes can again be either scattered in our garden of remembrance or returned to family.

Complete Cremation Plan

A Complete Cremation Plan is the right choice for anyone who would like a longer service with an unlimited number of attendees. This plan includes all of the elements found with Discreet and Individual Plans along with the longer service, unlimited attendees and choice of time.

Paying for a funeral in installments

Distinct Cremations offer a range of options when it comes to prepaid funeral plans. Not only can you choose the specifics of your plan, but you can also choose how you’d like to pay, with the option to spread the cost over 12 months. All of our payment plans come with a 0% interest guarantee.

Our range of flexible options include:

  • Payment in one lump sum - if you wish to, you can pay for your entire plan in one go. This offers total peace of mind that everything is taken care of.
  • Monthly instalments - spread the cost of your chosen funeral plan over a fixed amount of time. All of our plans come with 0% interest so you will not end up paying more should you choose this option.

Speak to our advisers today for full information and support on which option is the best for you. Whichever option you choose, you’ll be safe in the knowledge that your family won’t face any unexpected costs when the time comes.

Benefits of a monthly funeral plan

Many people end up relying on savings to cover the cost of a funeral. However, with rising costs and other uncertainties, there is never a guarantee that savings alone will cover it.

Taking out a funeral plan mitigates these issues and allows for total peace of mind during a difficult period. They also allow for the following:

Protecting loved ones against financial issues

With funeral costs regularly stretching into thousands of pounds, paying for a family member’s funeral can often leave families in financial distress[1]. Funeral plans remove this potential issue and remove the financial burden from family members entirely.

Beat rising funeral costs

Taking out a funeral plan today means you’ll only pay the cost of a current funeral. You won’t have to pay any more, despite the rising costs of funerals in the UK. With funeral costs continuing to rise, it’s impossible to know exactly how much your funeral will cost when the time comes and how long it would take to pay off.

Our research showed that for those who wouldn’t be able to cover funeral costs themselves, 27% would ask friends and family to borrow them money and 23% said they would have to take out a loan[1].

Control over your funeral

Paying your funeral off in advance means you have the ability to put your own plans in place. When the time comes, you’ll be remembered and honoured in a way that aligns with your wishes, and your loved ones won't have to worry about funeral planning or the associated costs.


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