Go wild celebrating your life

- 31/08/21

Direct cremations Celebrate your life your way

Funerals, and our attitudes towards them, have changed a lot in recent times. Like the lovely ladies in the advertisement you were just watching, the thought of a big traditional funeral fills a lot of us with nothing but dread. In fact, 35 million UK adults recently said that they want their farewell to be a ‘celebration of life’ rather than mourning the loss of life[1].

Since 2007, over 70% of all funerals in the UK have been cremations, and since 2014 over 14% of them are direct cremations[2].

What’s a direct cremation?

A direct cremation separates the cremation process from the celebration of life for the deceased. With a direct cremation there are no processions, hearses or flowers. The cremation is performed at one of our beautiful crematoriums and the ashes are then either scattered in our garden of remembrance or returned to the deceased’s loved ones.

Planning ahead

Costing around 60% less than a traditional funeral, direct cremations are a cost-effective way to put plans in place. With 34% of adults saying that finding the money for funeral costs caused them financial stress, a pre-paid funeral plan with Distinct Cremations gives you peace of mind knowing that there’ll be no extra costs for your family when the time comes. The price you pay today is guaranteed to cover all the services included in your plan no matter what[1[2]].

That leaves you more money to spend on the things that matter most, whether that’s making memories in your remaining time together or putting a little bit more aside as inheritance.

Peace of mind

On top of the grief they feel following the death of a loved one, around 53% of people said they felt pressure to ‘get things right’ when arranging a funeral. With a pre-paid funeral plan, all your arrangements will already be in place just the way you wanted them to be, allowing them to focus on grieving and organising a celebration of life if they want[1].

How does a pre-paid funeral plan work?

Setting up a pre-paid funeral plan with Distinct Cremations is easy. There are no medicals involved and we guarantee your acceptance. All you need to do is pick the plan that suits your needs. It’s even easy to pay, with the cost spread over 12 months in interest-free instalments. Once your plan’s in place, let your nominated Executor know the details and that’s all there is to it.

All your family need to do is call us when the time comes and we’ll take care of the rest.

We offer simple unattended cremations, small attended cremations or large attended cremations. The choice is up to you.

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