Funerals assist the grieving process, providing closure to a loss and encouraging an emotional release. Fictional deaths are obviously not so serious, but let’s not pretend that a shocking death scene can’t leave you winded and feel like a personal attack. If you haven’t ever bawled your eyes out at a death scene or replayed the moment in your mind days later, then are you really living?

Some on-screen deaths are respectfully honoured with a scene or even a full episode dedicated to mourning. Yet, others are robbed of a proper memorial, leaving audiences on their own to process the unforgivable murder of a beloved friend, I mean character.

So that you can finally move on from the fictional but heartbreaking losses, this article will celebrate the fan-favourite characters who had unforgettable final moments by asking AI to imagine what their funerals would look like.

Although many of the fictional deaths in this blog post were released years ago, some are recent wounds. Many spoilers are ahead for various films and TV shows, including the James Bond franchise, Stranger Things and Game of Thrones. You’ve been warned.

James Bond - No Time to Die

This death is tricky to process because does James Bond ever truly die? If you’ve seen the ironically titled No Time to Die, then you’ll know that well, yes, he does, at least in his Daniel Craig iteration. Bond has escaped many life-threatening situations through the franchise, but the 2021 film sealed his fate with an explosive but emotional end. Yet, another version of James Bond will soon take his place, leaving us slightly confused but still in mourning.

The AI-generated funeral takes place in Jamaica — Bond’s favourite place, where he resided in the 2021 movie before his untimely death. There are, of course, beautiful women saying their goodbyes while living a life of luxury with a yacht waiting for them in the ocean. There is also a mysterious gentleman suited and booted, potentially to step into Bond’s place. And what’s that in the background? An explosion? Something is awry…

James Bond Funeral

Eddie Munson - Stranger Things

Season four of Stranger Things did Eddie dirty from the get-go. He never had a chance to make it out unscathed, but, in just one series, he became a fan favourite. When the gang travelled to the Upside Down, it was inevitable that not everyone could make it out alive.

Eddie went on an emotional journey through the series to become braver, but it cost him his life. It was a tragic end, and with the Hawkins residents still believing he was a monster, it made the loss sting even more.

In the imagined funeral, the AI tool remembers Eddie in all his glory, worshipping rock music and standing up to the monsters in the Upside Down with his friends fighting by his side. The gang then remember Eddie in Mike’s basement where they hatch all their plans when they aren’t playing Dungeons & Dragons. The Hellfire Club lives on!

Strangers things funeral

The Wicked Witch of the West - The Wizard of Oz

Okay, so nobody was sad when the Wicked Witch of the West melted into a puddle on the floor. Yet, who can deny that this scene has become one of the most memorable villain deaths in film’s history? The moment Dorothy throws the bucket onto the green witch is pure relief, but still haunting, as she fizzles out of existence.

Although she was a villain, everybody deserves a proper send-off. The make-believe funeral takes place at the antagonist’s castle, with her coffin just as green as her skin, and beside it is the pointed hat she left behind and the powerful ruby slippers she was fighting for. Of course, not many people would actually attend the witch’s funeral, except, perhaps the flying monkeys.

It’s unlikely many people wanted to spend time remembering the witch at a wake, so AI imagines the aftermath of her passing with the Land of Oz finally at peace. Maybe watching the origins of the green witch in Wicked will add more melancholy to this infamous scene.

Wicked witch of the west funeral

Allie and Noah - The Notebook

No other romance films can take The Notebook’s title as the most heartbreaking. The 1940s love story of Allie and Noah was full of twists and turns, but the ending left many reeling. The final moments they spent together were beautiful and yet full of sorrow.

In the imagined funeral, the couple are buried side-by-side in the white mansion Noah built for Allie. Members of their family and dear friends are in attendance, mourning the loss. The weather is reminiscent of the unforgettable kiss scene in the rain, and as one last painful nod to the film, the two birds that Allie and Noah dreamed of becoming roam the sky.

Their family and friends swap stories about the couple’s love story in a wake at the mansion that became a nursing home where Allie and Noah spent their final years together.

Allie and Noah - The Notebook

Professor Dumbledore - Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

A death that shocked fans across the world was Professor Albus Dumbledore’s in the sixth Harry Potter film. When Snape uttered the spell ‘Avada Kedavra’, it was the end of a treasured character, but a turning point within the mammoth story. The wizard’s death felt like the loss of hope as the battle against He Who Should Not Be Named neared.

The book honoured Dumbledore with a touching funeral, but the filmmakers sadly cut the scene. AI’s dreamed-up service for Dumbledore takes place on the Hogwarts grounds, with many students holding their wands alight in tribute to the great headmaster.

The students and teachers continued honouring the professor in the Great Hall, lit with candles and a dinner held in his memory.

Dumbledore funeral

Barbara and Adam - Beetlejuice

In the 1980s film Beetlejuice, the audience witnesses Barbara and Adam Maitland’s death and then their afterlife with no chance to acknowledge the life they left behind.

Without knowing much about their existence in the world, the only funeral AI technology could picture was in the graveyard where they met Beetlejuice (also known as Betelgeuse). Sticking with Tim Burton’s signature style of dark and twisted settings, the mischievous ghost attends wearing his famous black and white suit.

Lydia, Barbara and Adam’s adoptive daughter, attends the funeral, wearing the iconic red wedding dress. AI also shows Lydia looking at the model town before she says the magic word three times and is transported to the graveyard.

While Barbara and Adam most likely had a traditional wake with their friends and family, AI’s version imagines Lydia solemnly mourning their deaths in her eccentrically-designed home.

In the sequel, Beetlejuice Beetlejuice, it’s unclear if Barbara and Adam will feature and say a proper goodbye to the audience. In the original film, the ghosts were set to haunt their house for 125 years, but who knows how time works in the afterlife?

Beetlejuice funeral

Ned Stark - Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones is renowned for brutally killing its most beloved characters without warning. Yet, one of the first character losses that shook viewers was Lord Eddard Stark, also known as Ned Stark. Rather than a touching funeral, the leader faced execution under the cold-blooded order of King Joffrey I Baratheon.

When Robb Stark became King, he demanded the return of his father’s remains to Winterfell, the ancestral home of the House Stark and the traditional burial ground of its deceased members. However, it’s unclear whether Ned’s bones ever made it to the destination.

The AI-generated funeral takes place in a hopeful world where Ned is buried in the crypt beneath Winterfell. His wife, Catelyn, mourns the terrible loss alongside other members of the Stark house, including her son, Bran Stark. The family continue to honour Ned’s memory at a wake in the Great Hall of Winterfell.

Ned Stark funeral

AI imagined funerals

Hopefully, imagining these fictional funerals will provide some closure for these famous character deaths and allow you to move on. However, if you’re still feeling gloomy, let the tears out, discuss the loss with other fans, and then take time away from the fictional worlds. Remember, these complex, brilliant characters are more than their final moments.

While these AI-imagined funerals are mostly untraditional and unique, they all tell the story of who these characters were and the memories they’ll leave behind, which is the most important aspect of honouring a person’s passing. While a funeral in the Upside Down or the model town cemetery in Beetlejuice isn’t possible, there are several ways to plan a personal, creative and touching real-life funeral.

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