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Knowing a loved one is close to the end can be the most devastatingly disorientating time of our lives. There is a heavy grief that can envelop us and it can feel hard to know which way to turn. In this section, we've laid out a few resources which may be of help during the most difficult times.

Help and guidance for anticipating a death

Whether it's a family member or a friend, it's hard to know what to do when you're anticipating the death of a loved one.

Anticipatory grief is very real and can come in many forms, be it anger, anxiety, guilt, loneliness or just a deep sense of sadness. No matter how you feel, it's important to remember the way you're feeling is completely natural and there are ways you can get support, including helplines and community groups.

In this section, we'll look at managing anticipatory grief, when you need to think about funeral plans and we'll also look at some of the things you need to prepare for at this most difficult of times.

Anticipating a death guides & resources

Here are our guides, articles and helpful information that may be of assistance when anticipating the death of a loved one.

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Getting support

If you're struggling or would just like someone to talk to, below are a few helplines that do great work and provide a shoulder to lean on for anyone who needs support:

Samaritans (Call: 116 123) - Free 24/7 support for anyone needing any kind of emotional support

Cruse (Call: 0808 808 1677) - Free helpline supporting those suffering with grief

Survivors of Bereavement by Suicide (Call: 0300 111 5065) - UK support line meeting the needs and overcoming the isolation experienced by people over 18 who have been bereaved by suicide

Veterans UK (Call: 0808 191 4218) - Government-ran support organisation providing free support for veterans and their families

Age UK (Call: 0800 678 1602) - The UK's leading charity helping millions of older people with support, companionship and advice

The Silver Line (Call: 0800 470 8090) - Free 24/7 helpline for older people struggling with loneliness, sadness or lowness

What to do when someone dies

Before someone dies, getting an understanding of what needs to be done and when, can help to ease the stress and confusion that you may face. Here are some articles that will provide some guidance.

Read more about what to do when someone dies >> or download our free checklist >>

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Have a question?

Whether you're wanting to arrange a funeral, purchase a funeral plan, or looking for something else, our customer service specialists are here for you 24/7 to answer any questions you may have.

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What can be arranged before a death?

There are a number of things you can arrange before a death, whether you're preparing for a loved one's death or thinking about your own.

Preparing for a loved one's death

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Whether you're considering a hospice for your loved one or you're looking at organising the funeral, it's worthwhile making arrangements as early as possible.

Preparing for a loved one's death

Preparing for your own death

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It's never a nice feeling thinking about your own death, but most of us have plans regarding what will happen to our estate and what will happen at our funeral.

Preparing for your own death

Funeral plans for yourself or a loved one

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Whether you're planning for yourself or someone else, funeral plans are worth considering as they allow you to cement the funeral arrangements at a less stressful time.

View our funeral plans

Other helpful resources

Below are a few more resources that may help when it comes to anticipating a death.

Arrange a funeral

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At Distinct Cremations, we provide no fuss funerals which are simple to arrange, affordable and delivered with care, dignity and respect. Prices start from just £1,199 if you need to arrange a funeral today.

Arrange a funeral

Funeral costs

Cremation costs

If you’re arranging the funeral of a loved one, you’ll need to know exactly how much a funeral costs so that you can make the appropriate arrangements. These can differ depending on a number of factors.

Funeral costs

Plan a memorial service

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Planning a memorial service isn't always straightforward. In our guide, we'll provide you with practical information on how to organise a memorial service whether you're pre-planning for yourself or for a loved one close to your heart.

Planning a memorial service

One of the UK’s best value direct cremation services, delivered with a caring and compassionate heart

Not only are our low cost funerals carried out with love and care, but we also offer one of the UK’s best value services.

From your very first phone call, right through to the hand delivery of the ashes, you can rest assured that you will be in the most caring and attentive hands with Distinct Cremations.

Our caring team are here 24/7 to support you through the most difficult of times.

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We offer the highest level of support, but don't take our word for it

Below are a selection of reviews from those who followed their instinct with Distinct and chose to buy a funeral with us.

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Werner 12 Jul 2024
Friendly, pulite and simply SUPER
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There was nothing too difficult or no question too silly. Every care was taken with all the arrangements and I was kept up to date at all times. I sent through items which were quickly handled and was notified of their receipt and the actions made with them. Even changing things was never too much of a problem.
Anon 27 Jun 2024
The service was first class. Signing up was easy to complete and the follow up call to ensure every thing was as we had expected was a nice personal touch.
John 27 Jun 2024
It was polite, patient and thorough. i was given as much time as I needed to reach a decision.Completely
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first class
Mark 21 May 2024
Excellent communication, very helpful and we got just what we wanted in a service. Highly recommended and we will use again. Mark Oliver
Anon 2 May 2024
Service very efficient, and comprehensive. Understandably, you "chased me up" when there was a delay in my response to place an order, but this delay was whilst I contacted all those relatives who might have had a view to express.
Anon 24 Apr 2024
I was very happy with the service I received and they are only a phone call away if I or my sons should need advice or help in any way
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