How long after death is a cremation?

- 18/11/21

When a family member or close friend passes away, you’ll likely have plenty of questions that need answering. And that’s totally understandable, especially if you’re the one who’ll be responsible for organising their funeral.

One of the first things you may ask is ‘how long after a death is the funeral?’. Well, this depends on a few different factors like crematoria availability, religious beliefs and family circumstances.

How long after death is a cremation?

In the UK, funerals usually take place up to two weeks after a death. However, this can depend on external factors like personal preference, venue availability and any traditions the family may want to observe. For example, in some religions, funerals must take place within a strict time frame.

Another reason funerals may be delayed is if there’s a need for a post-mortem.

Also, if you’re looking for a weekend funeral there might be a slight wait as many crematoria only take limited bookings at the weekend and may charge an extra fee.

When does a funeral with Distinct Cremations take place?

At Distinct Cremations, we offer a range of cremation options that suit those looking for a simpler alternative to a traditional funeral. Our as-needed cremation and prepaid funeral plans let you say goodbye in a way that best suits you.

With our simplest option, a direct cremation with no attendees, your personal advisor will keep you informed throughout the whole process, letting you know the cremation has taken place. For some families who choose this option, they might hold private remembrance services elsewhere and at a later date.

If you’d prefer a small service with up to 15 attendees, then a private cremation might suit you best. With a private cremation, these simple services are held in the early morning and you’ll be able to choose the date with your advisor.

For larger services, we also offer attended cremations. Selecting an attended cremation lets you invite as many people as you want with the option to choose both the time and date of the funeral.

Things to consider when selecting a funeral date

When it comes to picking the date, and time, for the funeral, we’ve put together a few helpful points to consider:

  • Consider family or close friends who aren’t local to the funeral location as they may need to travel to attend
  • Take into account whether or not there are any upcoming family events you wish to avoid, for example birthdays or anniversaries
  • If possible, try to select a date that works for the those closest to the deceased
  • Try to give attendees as much notice as possible ahead of the funeral to allow them adequate time to plan around their regular commitments.

How long after a death will my loved one be collected?

At Distinct Cremations, we have round-the-clock access to our own fleet of specialised funeral ambulances that are used to collect your loved one. If the death occurred at home, we will set off immediately to bring them into our care. However, if they're resting in a hospital or somewhere with appropriate mortuary facilities, we’ll typically collect them within a few days. Once in our care we’ll wash, prepare and dress the deceased for the cremation.

There may be other logistical challenges to consider depending on where they are resting. If you think this may be the case, simply discuss the situation with your advisor and they will be able to assist.

At Distinct Cremations, we understand that there’s a lot to think about when arranging a funeral. That’s why our specialist team is on hand to help guide you through the entire process, from first steps through to the service. Give us a call to discuss your preferences today.

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