Livestream funeral services

- 13/01/22

When arranging a funeral, there’re plenty of decisions to be made. One of the most difficult tasks you may face is making sure that family and friends can attend. For example, our private cremation funerals all take place in the early in the morning with only 15 people in attendance which means that there may still be people that are unable to make it. That’s where livestreaming comes in.

Although funeral livestreaming services have been available for some time, in recent years the demand for, and availability of, streaming has become much more widespread.

Livestreaming a funeral (sometimes called a virtual funeral service) is an effective way of sharing the ceremony with any family or friends who are unable to attend the service in person. You can choose a fuss-free and low-cost funeral and invite family and friends to watch virtually if they can’t attend.

What is funeral livestreaming?

If you’re not familiar with streaming (or webcasting as it’s sometimes known), it’s a way of sharing events in real time over the internet. Much like watching a live sporting event, this means anyone who can’t make the event in person can watch and participate from anywhere in the world.

Initially, livestreaming was an effective way for family members who live overseas to attend funerals and pay their respects. While it’s still used for this, livestreaming has increasingly grown in popularity over the last few years.

Where are funerals streamed?

There’re a number of options available when it comes to where the stream is broadcast. While this depends on the setup at the crematorium, platforms like Facebook Live, YouTube and Vimeo are all popular options. There is also the option of using a private streaming service at some facilities.

Anyone wishing to view a stream should ensure they’ve tested their equipment beforehand. You should make sure that both the audio and video work and that your internet connection is stable. If you’re watching on a phone or tablet, make sure the battery is fully charged.

Are online funerals secure?

As with everything online, the security of funeral livestreams is incredibly important. When our streaming a Distinct Cremations service, they’re often done via a private network with a password which will you can provide to friends and family. This means that funerals are never broadcast to the general public and privacy is always maintained.

Can I watch the recording after the funeral?

Being able to keep a recording of the funeral depends on your supplier as some offer this service while others don’t. A cremation with Distinct Cremations offers the option to have your funeral livestreamed as well as a saved copy of the service. Having a copy of the recording is particularly useful for anyone in different time zones as it allows them to watch back when they’re available.

Recording the service also acts as a bit of a safeguard against any technical issues that may impact the livestream. If someone watching loses their internet connection or there is an issue with the stream itself, being able to watch the event back means no one misses out.

How do you livestream a funeral?

Livestreaming a funeral can be a complicated process. You’ll need the correct cameras, sound equipment and a solid internet connection as well as all of the necessary infrastructure and streaming software.

Of course, this depends on how professional you would like the experience to be. There’s always the option for someone to record or livestream the service from their mobile phone, but the sound and visual quality won’t be as good as a professional. We recommend that you speak with the crematorium in advance to ensure the stream runs as smoothly

What should you wear to a funeral livestream?

Even if you’re attending a funeral in person, it’s important to still feel like a part of the occasion. If the livestream has two-way video, we recommend wearing what you would normally to a funeral or observing the family’s dress code. If you’re still unsure about what to wear, check out our simple guide on attending a funeral.

Find out more about funeral livestreams

Please speak to your crematorium today to find out exactly what livestream services they offer. They will be able to advise on any setup requirements they have as well as if there are any additional costs involved.

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