That's Me! - Our new TV advert from Distinct Cremations

- 29/08/21

At around 60% less than the cost of a traditional funeral, direct cremations are the fastest-growing option for a funeral in the UK[1]. Any why not? Times are changing and so are our attitudes towards how we think our funerals should be.

If you’re here then you likely saw our TV ad and also said ‘that’s me!’ to the Distinct Cremations way of doing things.

Since 2007, over 70% of all funerals in the UK have been cremations. And where 77% of all funerals in 2019 were cremations, 14% of those were direct cremations, rising to 25% in 2020[1].

Each year, more and more of us are opting for send-offs that focus on fondly remembering the lives of the deceased, rather than leaving loved ones to grieve in sorrow.

Who are we?

Distinct Cremations is part of the Westerleigh Group, one of the UK’s leading operators of crematoria. With over 30 years’ experience supporting families in their time of need.

With a national network of crematoria we’re able to offer high-quality cremation services at a low price in beautiful surroundings, taking several of the biggest worries when it comes to funeral planning out of the equation.

Our low-cost fuss-free direct cremation services are ideal for those of us who want to keep things simple. From unattended direct cremations to simple attended send-offs, a Distinct Cremations funeral plan is a great way to say goodbye however you want at a fraction of the cost.

Fuss-free funeral planning

Starting from £1,475 we offer three distinct funeral plans to choose from:

Individual Cremation Plan. An unattended cremation with ashes either returned to the family or scattered in one of our beautiful gardens of remembrance.

Discreet Cremation Plan. A simple early morning cremation with up to 15 mourners present at the crematorium of your choice.

Complete Cremation Plan. A simple cremation with no limit on the number of mourners present at the time, date and crematorium of your choice.

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