When faced with a loss it's important to have spaces to reflect when needed. That's why all of our crematoria feature purpose-designed gardens of remembrance, full of greenery and surrounded by beautiful views, where you can go to remember your loved ones who are no longer with us.

No matter when your loss was, you're always welcome to visit our gardens of remembrance.

Lovingly designed

As experts in funeral care with over 30 years' experience supporting grieving families, we know how important it is to have quiet spaces to remember your loved ones.

Each one of our remembrance gardens has been sympathetically designed and expertly planted and landscaped within our crematoria grounds to provide a place of peace and reflection. Our gardens of remembrance are open for anyone who needs them, even if the ashes of your loved one have already been scattered.

Saying goodbye

Set back from the memorial grounds and crematoria buildings, our gardens of remembrance offer tranquil spaces in beautiful surroundings for remembering those no longer with us. Designed as a place to think and grieve, many find our gardens the ideal place to scatter their loved ones' ashes and say their final goodbyes.

You can visit the crematoria to scatter the ashes in our gardens, or we can perform the scattering on your behalf. If you choose to have your deceased’s ashes scattered by us rather than returned to the family, this will be performed within the gardens of remembrance.

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