Our experienced Chapel Attendants make sure each funeral runs smoothly and respectfully. Before, during and after a funeral with Distinct Cremations, your Chapel Attendant will be on-hand to help and support you and your family, however that may be.

From helping people to get seated to making sure the right music plays at the right time, our Chapel Attendants are integral to the success of each service.

Working together

Each crematoria has its own dedicated team of staff. To ensure everything runs as planned, both on the day of and in the days leading up to the cremation, we'll be in regular contact with the Chapel Attendants at your chosen crematoria.

We'll work closely together to make sure they have everything they need for the coming cremation, from the right music tributes to making them aware of any accessibility needs. The Chapel Attendants will get everything ready at the crematoria ahead of your arrival so that the funeral runs smoothly and respectfully.

Administration support

Before a cremation can take place, you'll need to have all the correct paperwork completed, approved and submitted. Our Chapel Attendants work with the Distinct Cremations customer support team to advise and ensure everything is correct ahead of the schedule.

They're experts at what they do, helping to make sure everything is right and ready to move forward. Once everything's approved and finalised, they'll confirm the booking at their crematorium and begin making preparations for the cremation itself. They'll also prepare the accommodation of any requests, such as musical tributes, ahead of the cremation.

A helping hand

Before the funeral takes place, our Chapel Attendants will take care of all final arrangements on your behalf. They'll make sure your music is ready and queued up ahead of the cremation as well as taking care of of any video tributes you may want to play.

On the day itself, the Chapel Attendants will be on hand throughout the service to support you and your family in any way needed. They'll greet the immediate family, help mourners to their seats and stay in the chapel for the duration of the service, offering quiet support and guidance if needed. They'll manage the media system during the service, ensuring that the right music plays at the right time as well as taking care of any final touches, such as closing the curtains around the coffin after its committal.

Continued support

When the service ends, the Chapel Attendants will escort the mourning party outside and make sure everybody leaves safely. They'll check in with the immediately family before their departure to see if there's anything more they can help with and say their goodbyes if no longer needed and remain outside with the funeral party for a time in case any attendees need additional support.

If you wish to stay behind and visit the gardens of remembrance or the memorial space, a Chapel Attendant will help to direct you to the right location.

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