As it stands in the UK today, direct cremation is the cheapest funeral option available. The simple, no-fuss approach not only lowers costs for families, but also speaks to modern attitudes and priorities, allowing loved ones to grieve together in a way that’s personal and meaningful for them.

Distinct Cremations is proud to provide dignified direct cremations, offering affordable send-offs without compromising on quality and experience. As a key provider in the UK funeral market, we’ve got a good idea of all the key elements of the direct cremations process, including costs and features.

In this guide, you’ll find everything you need to know about direct cremation costs, what kind of cremation might be suitable for you, and what’s typically included in the cost.

Average direct cremation costs in the UK

According to the latest Cost of Dying report by SunLife, the average cost of a direct cremation in the UK is currently £1,498. This figure is significantly less than the cost of a traditional burial, £3,579 cheaper, with traditional burials averaging out at £5,077[1].

Considering the average price of a direct cremation, we did some research into the top direct cremation providers in the UK, to find out how the actual costs compare with the average.

Distinct Cremations Pure Cremations Memoria Co-op
£1,199 £1,395 £1,095 £1,350

To discover what’s included in these costs, we compiled a comprehensive comparison of costs and features.

[1] Funeral costs by type taken from the SunLife Cost of Dying Report 2024,

About direct cremation costs

Direct cremations offer a compassionate farewell, all whilst being more cost-effective than traditional funerals.

Here’s why direct cremation costs are lower than other types of funeral:

  • They omit traditional funeral elements. For example, embalming, viewings, and elaborate ceremonies, which can significantly drive up expenses. By focusing solely on the cremation process itself, direct cremations simplify the costs and streamline the arrangement, reducing both time and financial burdens for grieving families.
  • They eliminate the need for expensive caskets, burial plots, and headstones, further cutting down on costs. Instead, cremation providers typically offer a simple, sustainable casket. Without these additional expenses, families can put more money into celebrating their loved one's memory in more meaningful ways, such as memorial services or personalised tributes.

This lower price point offers the family flexibility in scheduling, allowing you to choose a time that suits your needs without incurring extra fees for specific dates or times.

On the whole, direct cremations provide a low cost alternative that prioritises simplicity, affordability, and respect, ensuring that families can focus on cherishing memories rather than financial worries.

Our direct cremation service

At Distinct Cremations, we offer direct cremation services that prioritise simplicity and affordability, while paying tribute to your loved one's memory with dignity and respect, when you need it the most.

Arrange an immediate funeral

From just £1,199

Pay upfront at a lower cost. Call us when the time comes and we'll conduct the funeral within 2 weeks.

Plan a future funeral

From £1,699 or £19.44

Pay in monthly instalments over 1, 5 or 10 years. Call us when the time comes and we'll take care of the rest.

How much does it cost for guests to attend?

If you’re after all the financial savings of a direct cremation, but would like a number of guests to be able to attend, for the opportunity to pay their respects, there are options available to fulfil your wishes. As guests will be in attendance, the price of your cremation will rise, but will typically still cap off below the price of a traditional funeral.

The number of funeral plan options, attendee allowances, and service length will vary between each provider. For example, at Distinct Cremations, we offer 3 different types of funeral plans, from a standard direct cremation with no guests, to a celebrant-led funeral with an unrestricted number of attendees.

Unattended Direct Cremation Plan

From £1,699
or £19.44* per month

Celebrate a life without the restrictions of a funeral

  • A simple, dignified and
    affordable option
  • No formal service or
    attendees present
Find out more

Small Attended Cremation Plans

From £2,099
or £25.23** per month

Two simple service options for a family-led send off

  • A 10 minute service for
    up to 8 attendees OR
  • A 20 minute service for up to 20 attendees
Find out more

Funeral Plan

From £2,999
or £28.45*** per month

A respectful cremation funeral led by a celebrant

  • Unrestricted number
    of attendees
  • A full length service at
    the crematorium
Find out more

* Price advertised is for a 50 year old paying over a 10 year period. Total cost is £2,332.80 and includes administration fees. ** Price advertised is for a 50 year old paying over a 10 year period. Total cost is £3,027.60 and includes administration fees. *** Price advertised is for a 50 year old paying over a 10 year period. Total cost is £4,494.00 and includes administration fees.

For additional pricing information and a full list of our optional extras, please see our price list.

Our affordable funeral packages cover collection, mortuary care, cremation fees, a coffin, a basic ashes container, and more. Discover how our prices and our services compare to other industry leading providers in the UK.

Paying in advance

Paying in advance for a funeral plan offers many benefits for both you and your loved ones. They provide peace of mind by allowing you to plan and pay for your own funeral in advance, relieving your family members of the financial burden and stress during an already difficult time.

By paying in advance, you can also financially protect yourself, or your loved ones, against the rising funeral costs. By locking in today's prices, you can avoid the impact of inflation on funeral expenses, ensuring that your wishes are carried out without additional financial strain on your family members.

Plus, prepaid funeral plans allow people to specify their preferences and make personalised arrangements for their funeral, ensuring that their wishes are respected and followed. This can include decisions regarding the type of service, burial or cremation, choice of casket or urn, and any special requests or cultural traditions.


Why choose a direct cremation?

Direct cremation

Choosing a direct cremation can offer a compassionate and dignified farewell for a loved one. It provides a simple and respectful way to memorialise their memory without the financial burden or logistical complexities associated with traditional funerals.

Direct cremation allows families to focus on celebrating their loved one's life in a meaningful and personalised manner, without the pressure of planning elaborate ceremonies or costly services. It offers flexibility in scheduling and arrangements, ensuring that families can say goodbye in a way that feels authentic and true to their loved one's wishes.

By choosing a direct cremation, you can allocate your resources towards celebrating your loved one's memory in ways that are meaningful and impactful.

Other useful resources

Learn more about the process of organising a funeral and how to make paying for a funeral as affordable as possible. If you need to arrange a funeral straight away, give our compassionate team a call on 01543 211997.

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Woman sitting on sofa smiling while reading documents

In order for a funeral to go ahead, there is some paperwork that needs to be filled out. If you know you will be arranging a funeral in the near future it can be useful to know what to expect.

See more about funeral documents

Arrange a funeral from £1,199


Our helpful and experienced team can help you arrange a respectful funeral without frills at a low cost. Get in touch with us for more information about our funeral services.

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7 ways to pay for a funeral

Cremation costs

The costs involved with paying for a funeral can vary depending on the type of funeral you choose, but the role of a funeral director or funeral provider is to guide you through the process.

Discover ways to pay

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Mark 21 May 2024
Excellent communication, very helpful and we got just what we wanted in a service. Highly recommended and we will use again. Mark Oliver
Anon 2 May 2024
Service very efficient, and comprehensive. Understandably, you "chased me up" when there was a delay in my response to place an order, but this delay was whilst I contacted all those relatives who might have had a view to express.
Anon 24 Apr 2024
I was very happy with the service I received and they are only a phone call away if I or my sons should need advice or help in any way
Wendy 8 Apr 2024
This is a good company, the cremation was dealt with very smoothly without any problems. The staff were very courteous and professional throughout. Everything was explained over the phone and they were very patient answering my questions. The ashes were delivered on time to my door. Highly recommended.
Anon 7 Apr 2024
They gave a superb service, they were very professional from start to finish, but also friendly and empathetic too, at what was a very difficult time for myself and the family
Anon 6 Apr 2024
Dee was lovely and understanding and advice was easy to understand
Anon 5 Apr 2024
Very kind and helpful lady. She talked me through everything that I asked her about.
Anon 1 Apr 2024
From the very first phone call I felt things were going to be handled well. Kindness compassion and helpful ness were shown throughout. I was kept informed about all the details and the person delivering the ashes was so respectful and kind taking the time to ask about my husbands life. This is who will handle my cremation.
Based on 711 reviews
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