Cost of cremation

Cremation costs in the UK will differ based on where you are in the country and what kind of service you would like. When deciding on which route to go down, it’s important to know the cost of cremation so that you can make the right choice for your loved one.

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The average cost of cremation in the UK is £3,885. This usually includes all professional services, minister and doctor fees and the cost of cremation. Cremations are generally a cheaper option than burial as plots can be expensive.

The main costs involved with a cremation that you will need to consider include:

  • Funeral director fees
  • Crematorium fees
  • The wake
  • Any optional extras (e.g. flowers)

Breakdown of cremation costs

We like to be as open as possible with our cremation costs and have two options available, private and direct cremations.

Our private cremations start from £1,345 and allow a limited number of friends and family to attend a service. This price includes funeral director’s fees, cremation costs and covers the service itself.

A direct cremation, on the other hand, is a simple no-fuss cremation that doesn’t include any of the pomp that comes with a traditional funeral service. Direct cremations start at just £995, covering charges for funeral directors and crematorium use.

What’s included

Although our different cremation options come with different features, there are some things that we provide for all. These include:

  • 24/7 support and help with the arrangements
  • Quality care, preparation and transportation of the deceased
  • A simple coffin and urn
  • Cremation and fees at one of our beautiful crematoria
  • Services of a Chapel Attendant on the day
  • Scattering of the ashes in our garden of remembrance or returned within 14 days

In addition to these, a private cremation will include a 10-minute service that can be attended by up to eight people. This allows enough time for a few words to be said, music to be played and allows for a moment of reflection before the cremation.

What’s not included

Our cremations provide the best value possible so don’t come with some of the things you’d expect to find at a traditional funeral. For example, there will be no viewing of the deceased, processions, hearses or flowers and removing pacemakers or artificial limbs involves an additional cost.

If you choose direct cremation, there will be no attended service.

Optional extras and costs

There is always the option for you to add optional extras to a cremation plan. Things people often like to include are flowers, a memorial and having their loved one’s ashes returned to them.

If you would like any extras, you can speak to your personal advisor who will be happy to help.

Reduce the cost with an unattended cremation

Both private and direct cremations offer good value for money but if you’re looking to reduce the cost as much as possible, we recommend choosing a direct cremation. Starting from just £895, a direct cremation includes all of the things needed for a funeral to take place, without the unnecessary extras that often come with traditional ceremonies.

Alternatively, you can choose to spread the cost of a cremation with our funeral plans. Starting from £1,499, our plans are perfect for anyone who would like to spread the cost. They are also a great way to remove any uncertainty for your family by making the arrangements yourself.

Our experienced personal advisors are always on hand to give advice and support when choosing the right option for you. You can either give us a call, request a callback or complete a contact form for more information today.

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