Low cost funeral guidance to minimise costs

Choosing a low cost funeral can help relieve the financial pressure of making funeral arrangements.

At Distinct Cremations, we specialise in pared-back, simple funerals. Give our compassionate team a call if you'd like more information about our low cost funeral services.

A low cost funeral could be the best choice for you if you don't have the finances available to pay for an extravagant send-off or you know your loved one wanted you to prioritise your money elsewhere. Many people would rather their money go to their family to support them financially rather than go towards funeral costs.

In 2023, the average funeral cost in the UK was £4,141.+ For those who don't have this to spend or would rather not pay that much, low cost funerals like small intimate services or direct cremations offer respectful and dignified send-offs for much less.

+ The cost of a basic funeral in 2023 was £4,141 (SunLife Cost of Dying Report 2024, sunlife.co.uk/funeral-costs)

How to have a low cost funeral

The type of funeral you choose and the optional extras you'd like to include are what have the biggest impact on funeral costs. Burial is the most expensive funeral option so many people opt for a cremation instead and choose a simple funeral to cut out additional expenses.

Arranging a low cost funeral doesn't mean compromising on care, but can remove the stress and anxiety around funeral costs that your loved one would not want you to go through.

Type of funeral

Family Walking In The Wood Between Trees

The most affordable funeral option available is direct cremation.

A direct cremation takes place without mourners present, so families can remember their loved one in an alternative way at a time and place of their choice.

Time of funeral

Coffin Outside With Mourners In Background

The time of day that the funeral takes place can also have an impact on costs.

If you know you would like attendees at the funeral so family and close friends can pay their respects, small early morning cremation services are likely to be most affordable.

Optional extras

Funeral memorial book

One efficient way to have a low cost funeral is to keep the service simple and only include the essentials.

Personal touches like readings, music and eulogies can be just as meaningful as limousines, pallbearers, orders of service and obituaries which cost extra.

Our low cost funerals

Our funeral services prioritise affordability by removing any unnecessary extras and focusing on dignity and simplicity. We offer either an unattended direct cremation funeral or an intimate cremation if you and your family would like to be present at the service.

Find our services below or alternatively you can view our CMA standardised price list.

Unattended Cremation

From £1,099

Our unattended cremation is a great choice for those looking for a simple, low-cost unattended cremation without a funeral ceremony. Unattended cremations take place with no service or mourners present at our high-quality crematoria where dignified care is guaranteed throughout.

Attended Cremation

From £1,499

Our attended, personal cremation is perfect for those looking for a fuss-free farewell and a final chance to say goodbye. With our dignified and affordable attended cremations you can have up to 8 people attend a 10 minute service or up to 20 people attend a 20 minute service.

How our funerals save you money

By choosing an unattended or simple cremation, you can celebrate your loved one's life with more flexibility. A low cost funeral could free up money for a larger wake or simply relieve the financial pressure you'd otherwise face paying higher funeral costs.

To support you, we keep our funeral services as straightforward as possible so we can offer more affordable options than the average funeral costs.

No need for officiant and pallbearers

Our attended funeral services are family led which means there is no need to pay a celebrant or officiant. At the start of the service, your loved one's coffin will already be resting in the chapel which also means there is no need for pallbearers.

Simple ashes container

Many people prefer to scatter ashes rather than keep them in an expensive urn. We personally deliver ashes back to families in a simple biodegradable ashes container for scattering.

Unembellished coffin

We provide a simple wooden coffin. For an extra £100 our Go Greener option can be added on which includes a coffin made with recycled wood fibre, carbon offsetting and tree planting.

Modest unattended service

Direct cremation has no costs for flowers, order of services, a celebrant or travel to the chapel. Instead, a piece of music of your choice can be played in the chapel with the coffin present before the cremation takes place.

Care in our professional mortuary

We don't offer viewing of the deceased or embalming which both saves you money and also allows you to remember your loved one as they were in life.

Private ambulance

Instead of a limousine or hearse, your loved one is transported to the funeral with discretion and sensitivity in one of our private ambulances.

How funeral plans can make funerals more affordable

A funeral plan allows you to choose the type of funeral you would like ahead of time and also pay for it. You can set up a low cost funeral plan for yourself, a spouse, a parent or anyone whose funeral you know you will be responsible for arranging.

Benefits of funeral plans

Funeral plans can be paid for in a single payment but if paying for a funeral in one go isn't affordable for you, the payment can also be made over a longer period of time. Our funeral plans offer the option to be paid for over 1, 5 or 10 years.

Once a funeral plan has been set up you know how much you need to pay and this amount doesn't change. Your funeral will take place as agreed in the plan even if funeral prices rise in future so having a plan now can protect you from rising costs.

See our funeral plans

Free ways to commemorate a loved one

Remembering someone close to you doesn't have to cost any money. If you've chosen to have a low cost funeral that's small and intimate, there are many other places where you can bring your wider family together to reflect back on someone's life.

You may also have a particular way you would like your loved ones to commemorate your life and if so you can share your wishes with them.

A nature walk

Family Walking In Wheat Field

Local woods, nature reserves and parks all provide varied walking routes. You could explore somewhere new or select a route that you and your loved one enjoyed walking together.

A trip to the beach

Family Walking On The Beach

A seaside trip may be especially important to you as following a cremation, many people choose to scatter their loved one's ashes from cliffs, at the beach or into the ocean.

Explore their hometown

Dying at home

You may like to travel to your loved one’s local area. Sightseeing in the town, village or city where they lived during their life can be a meaningful way to feel closer to them.

A library

Library Books On Table In Front Of Shelf

Remember your loved one by immersing yourself in one of their favourite novels. You could even ask your family to come together to share poems, readings and excerpts in memory.

Historic ruins

Historic Ruined Walls In Field

Historic ruins provide a fitting environment to look back on the past and reminisce about your loved one's life, surrounded by the sights and sounds of nature.

An art gallery or museum

Older Lady And Teenage Girl In Gallery

Galleries and museums are peaceful places ideal for reflection. You may like to visit a museum relevant to your loved one’s interests or pick out a piece of art that reminds you of them.

Inexpensive ways to commemorate a loved one

You can bring your family and friends together to pay their respects and remember your loved one without having to pay high burial costs or cremation costs. Low cost funerals can be followed by a modest send off for a personal goodbye without the high financial cost.

  • Hosting a wake at your own home avoids venue and travel costs. This could be a BBQ, potluck, tea party or buffet and you can ask your friends and family for help providing food and drinks.
  • For nature and history lovers, there are National Trust properties around the country that provide scenic and peaceful locations to bring your family together in memory of your loved one.
  • If your loved one had a specific hobby or liked to attend a specific event, you and your family can get involved to remember them in a unique way that reflects their personality.
  • You may wish to raise money for a charity that helped your loved one towards the end of their life. Complete a challenge in your loved one's name like running a marathon, climbing a mountain or skydiving.
  • Your loved one's favourite local pub or restaurant could also provide the ideal location for reminiscing about their life and sharing memories.

Other useful resources

Continue your research into the funeral options available to you to help discover the right funeral choice for you within your budget.

To arrange a funeral straightaway, call our compassionate team on 01543 212000.

Different ways to pay for a funeral

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As well as choosing a low cost funeral, being aware of the different ways to pay can also help to alleviate any worries you may have about funeral costs.

Ways to pay for a funeral

Spreading costs with a funeral plan

Man Working Out Costs Using Calculator

Funeral plans provide flexibility in how to pay. Find out how splitting the cost over a longer period of time could make a funeral more affordable for you.

Learn more about funeral plans

Arrange a funeral from just £1,099

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Our low cost funerals take care of your loved one at every stage. Our sensitive and experienced team is here to support you in arranging a cremation.

Arrange a funeral

We offer the highest level of support, but don't take our word for it

Below are a selection of reviews from those who have arranged a funeral or purchased a funeral plan through Distinct Cremations.

"Smooth and straightforward purchase with plenty of contact and feedback."

“Easy to use and very helpful. Very easy to use their services and always called with updates. Sorry to say I've had to use their services twice now and I've already booked my own service. On both times I've used this service I've been kept informed by calls to everything going on. All my requests were made to feel like no trouble whatsoever, happy to help attitude made what was a very emotional time pass with no problems. Ty to all the teams involved"

"Quick and easy to arrange. Very good value. The information pack arrived days after I made my enquiry. It was so easy to arrange the plan that I wanted. The follow up call was very reassuring. I am very happy with the service provided."

"Already recommended to other family members. Easy to access and apply for a plan at a good price, and even better, in 20 years time there will be no additional cost. It's not a subject that anyone wants to think about but now I have it sorted it has given me peace of mind knowing my family won't have the worry or cost when that time comes, now I can forget it and enjoy many more years, highly recommended. Hassle free application that was completed in minutes but I'm not planning on using this plan anytime soon!!"

"I was very pleased with the prompt efficient service that I got, everything was explained to me, and the paperwork was easy to understand, and there was no pressure put on me for a decision. I would most certainly recommended this company for price and efficiency."

“Happy with everything. We were well pleased with the consultant Sarah Mills she was very helpful and made us feel very confident that we were doing the right thing about our funeral plan."

"Positive without being pushy. Easy to understand the scheme, helpful brochure and a realistic price. The staff I contacted were polite and professional. Great value. An ideal alternative for those of us who don't want a lot of fuss."

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Not found what you're looking for?