Can I Have a Cremation Without a Funeral?

- 08/10/21

Although a funeral service traditionally precedes a cremation, no-funeral cremations are becoming more and more popular. Also known as unattended direct cremations, this is an affordable option for the family of anyone who wishes to be cremated without the fuss of a full ceremony. With direct cremation, there’s an emphasis on simplicity while ensuring standards remain high.

What Does Cremation Without a Funeral Service Mean?

When opting for a direct cremation without a funeral service you’re separating the cremation from the celebration of life for the deceased. Unlike funeral ceremonies in the traditional sense, there are no processions, flowers, cars, no viewing of the deceased and no attendance at the crematorium itself.

These cremation arrangements provide an affordable and simple option that allows families to decide where and when a loved one is cremated, without the restrictions and formalities surrounding a traditional funeral ceremony. Direct cremations can be usually booked directly with cremation companies as there is no need to get a funeral director to organise a funeral service for you.

What Does a Cremation Without Ceremony Include?

At Distinct Cremations, when someone dies, our specialists collect the deceased using our specialised funeral ambulances. Once collected, they are respectfully transported to our state-of-the-art mortuary, where they’re washed, dressed and placed in a coffin. A no-frills wooden coffin with a simple design is provided for the deceased.

In the meantime, a dedicated advisor guides the family through the arrangements and supports them with all the paperwork. The advisor will let the family know when and where the cremation will be taking place and they will give them a call after the cremation.

The cremation itself takes place at one of our crematoria. The coffin is brought through the front chapel entrance, by our trained professional staff, and it is then placed on the catafalque. The chapel attendant and staff bow before the coffin, while a selected piece of music is played. The coffin is then committed and removed to the crematory.

Once the cremation has taken place, ashes are either gently scattered in our landscaped garden of remembrance or returned to the family so they can remember the deceased in the way they wish.

Although there’s no ceremony, this doesn’t mean that a celebration of life or memorial service can’t take place. In fact, many families, who choose direct cremation, decide to hold theirs at a later date, often with ashes present.

How Much Does a Cremation Without a Funeral Cost?

Unattended direct cremations are a low-cost alternative when looking to say goodbye to a loved one. As they avoid many of the additional costs, traditionally associated with holding a funeral ceremony, they’re competitively priced. Direct cremations with Distinct Cremations start from £995.

How Do You Arrange a Cremation Without Service?

The easiest way to arrange a no-funeral cremation is to pick up the phone and speak to one of our advisors. Our lines are open 24/7 with specialist advisors on hand to guide you through the process. Alternatively, you can request a callback or fill out an enquiry form - head to our contact page for more information.

You can even prearrange your funeral with a prepaid cremation plan, which would help to alleviate the pressure felt by loved ones during such a difficult time. Making your wishes known is vital to have the right plan in place. It's especially important to have these conversations if you have special requests, like a no-fuss cremation for example.

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