Intimate Cremation Plan from £1,799

If you would like to plan a simple, affordable and fuss free funeral, an Intimate Cremation Plan is the right funeral plan for you. It includes everything in our Unattended Direct Cremation Plan plus a 10 minute service with up to eight people.

  • Plans provided across mainland UK
  • Assisting over 50,000 families a year as part of the Westerleigh Group
  • The UK’s largest independent cremation services provider
  • Plan rated 5 stars by Fairer Finance
  • Independent customer service rating of 4.9/5 on Feefo
  • A caring and attentive team here for you and your family 24/7
Distinct Funeral Plans Limited (DFPL) is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority to provide pre-paid funeral plans. Financial Services Register No. 965289.

The low-cost cremation plan I'd want for myself. Sue Cook, TV Presenter

What's Included, for £1,799

  • Up to 8 attendees
  • A 10 minute early morning service
  • Choice of crematorium
  • Collection of the deceased 24/7 (UK mainland only)
  • Care at our professional mortuary
  • 24/7 support
  • Single doctor's fee or coroner's fee
  • Chapel attendant's presence and support
  • Help with all legal and cremation paperwork
  • Prepare the deceased for cremation
  • A simple coffin and urn
  • XXL coffin, if required
  • Removal of artificial mechanisms
  • Removal of pacemakers
  • Respectful and dignified cremation at your chosen crematorium
  • Ashes scattered in the garden of remembrance or returned within 14 days

What's Not Included

  • Viewing of the deceased
  • Choice of time
  • Funeral procession
  • Embalming
  • Celebrant or minister fees
  • Cost of repatriation from outside mainland Great Britain
  • Special requests such as memorials, flowers, catering or obituaries
  • Additional charges passed to us due to changes in regulations, tax, laws or generally accepted practice

For full details of what is and is not covered, please read our funeral plan summary and terms & conditions.

For a list of optional extras, please read our full price list or for additional information read our CMA standardised price list.

"I talked to the people at Distinct Cremations. They told me these days many of us don’t want to spend large sums of money on an elaborate funeral."

Sue Cook, TV Presenter

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With our Intimate Cremation plan you can pay in one single payment or over 12 months. Acceptance is guaranteed if you are over 18, and there are no medical questions or upper age limits.

If you are aged between 50 & 74, you can also pay over 5 or 10 years for a lower monthly payment.

Single payment or over 12 months

  • Acceptance is guaranteed if you're over 18 years old with no upper age limit
  • Once full payment is made the services in the plan are 100% guaranteed
  • If you spread the cost over 12 months, payments are interest fee - we do not add fees
  • Money is transferred into the Distinct Funeral Plans Trust, independent of Distinct Cremations
  • Money-back guarantee. If you change your mind in the future you will receive all your money back - no matter how far into the future you cancel your plan
  • If you pay over 12 months, you can add a deposit if you wish, and your monthly payments will be reduced accordingly
  • Payments are fixed over 12 months protecting you from inflation
    • The plan has to be paid in full before the cremation is guaranteed to be covered

Paying for a plan over 5 or 10 years

  • Acceptance is guaranteed for anyone aged between 50 & 74
  • Low monthly payments - depending on your age
  • No deposit is required
  • Guaranteed to cover the costs in your plan after just 12 months, meaning that if you pass away before you have finished paying, your plan is guaranteed with no further payments required
  • Payments are fixed for the term protecting you from inflation
  • Full cover provided for accidental death from day one
  • Money-back guarantee if you decide to cancel in the first 12 months
    • You must continue to make your payments for the full period or to end of life if earlier, otherwise you will lose the benefit
    • You will pay more for your plan overall compared to paying with a single payment or spreading the cost over 12 months
    • If you cancel after 12 months of the plan start date, you will not receive any money back

"Treated very kindly and sympathetically while sorting out a funeral.

It's not a nice thing to have to do, but lots of support was given. The whole thing was easy to sort and even good value for money"

Very helpfull Sarah answered all my questions

Anonymous 15/08/22

The team dealt with this very professional and was very helpful, couldn’t ask for any more from them

Anonymous 12/08/22

Easy website to navigate, speedy service, all good.

Anonymous 12/08/22

I hate going to a funeral, you hold things together, then breakdown at the funeral So me and the wife opted for the no attendance ceremony The girl I... Read more

Anonymous 10/08/22

good service ,very helpful , easy to do .

Anonymous 08/08/22

Made telephone enquiries on 2 occasions, didn't wait long for reply on either occasion and both members of staff were very courteous and helpful and provided... Read more

Anonymous 04/08/22

My husband and I have been putting off setting up a funeral plan mainly due to cost. With Distinct Cremations you have the option to pay over 5 or 10 years.... Read more

Anonymous 03/08/22

The website is well designed and information clear. I purchased the 'intimate plan' with a single payment. The purchasing process was straightforward and... Read more

Anonymous 29/07/22

Very friendly and helpful staff, the whole process was handled very efficiently despite some alterations on my part. Could not be better.

Anonymous 27/07/22

So simple to arrange, with comprehensive information. I researched ahead of time and the company has great reviews and a great service so went them. For... Read more

Anonymous 27/07/22
Feefo independent service review 5 star

Distinct Cremations' funeral plans are perfect for those looking to safeguard their future. It removes the uncertainty around your wishes and relieves some of the pressure your loved ones may feel when arranging a funeral.

With a Distinct Cremations funeral plan, our low-cost monthly instalments are fixed - whether you pay over 12 months, 5 years or 10 years.

1. Choose your plan

Choose your preferred plan, how you want to pay and call us to get your plan in place.

Call on 01543 211 997

2. We secure your money

Your money will go into a secure trust fund, or will be protected by an authorised insurance provider if you are paying over 5 or 10 years.

3. We arrange the cremation

When the time comes we'll carry out every part of the process and deliver the ashes to your family at no extra cost.

Get your free guide now

Distinct Cremations are specialists in fuss-free, dignified farewells. Our free guide reveals how you can avoid the stress and expense of a traditional funeral.

The guide outlines what is included in the plan, how to take one out, payment options and how to celebrate.

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A direct cremation is an alternative to a traditional funeral. It's a simple cremation without a funeral, service, ceremony or attendees.

At Distinct Cremations, our direct cremation plans are inclusive of all the essentials. It's simple, affordable and without compromise. A cremation plan that is an alternative to a traditional farewell, which means when the time comes, family and friends are able to organise a send-off that truly celebrates the life of a loved one, at a time and place suitable for them.


No hearses, no ceremony, no service; just a dignified & modern send off with minimal fuss

No Fuss & Less Stress

We'll manage the cremation & help with any paperwork to allow families to recover from the loss of their loved one.

More Time To Say Goodbye

Families & friends can organise a memorial or celebration of life at a convenient time & place, when ready

You’ll typically receive your documents within five working days of taking out the plan.

For plans payable over 5 or 10 years we incur additional administration expenses for collecting the monthly instalments and for the purchase and administration of a “whole of life” from an authorised insurance provider. If you die after 12 months of the start of your plan, but before you have paid all your instalments, there is nothing more to pay.

At Distinct Cremations, we offer the best direct cremation funeral plan on the market for the best price. There is no cancellation fee, and no additional extras for doctor's fee, removal of artificial mechanisms, or returning the ashes. You can see how we compare to other funeral providers in the market with our comparison table

For funeral plans, you can pay half of the cost upfront as a deposit and the remaining amount over six monthly instalments.

Ashes can be scattered free of charge in our Gardens of Remembrance. If you have chosen to have the ashes returned to you, one of our Funeral Operatives will hand-deliver the ashes to your family after the cremation has happened.

All of the necessary services required for your cremations are in your initial costs. However, on occasion there may be additional costs. You can read the full list of additional services for more information.

For a Direct Cremation we provide a simple MDF coffin, and for an attended cremation we provide an unvarnished veneered chipboard coffin.

All of our ashes are returned in a simple urn which can be upgraded to a wooden urn for an additional cost.

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