Paying for a funeral - 7 ways you can cover the costs

Knowing a little more about paying for a funeral can help to set your mind at ease about what to expect.

Our friendly team can give guidance about how to pay for one of our low cost simple funerals whether you need to arrange a funeral for someone else or want to cover the costs of your own funeral.

The costs involved with paying for a funeral can vary depending on the type of funeral you choose, but the role of a funeral director or funeral provider is to guide you through the process.

Funeral providers will need an upfront payment to collect the deceased and begin the funeral arrangements, but they should give you clear information in advance about the prices of different funeral options and how to pay.

Funeral plans also provide the option to pay for your own funeral in advance. Doing so gives you the certainty that your funeral costs will be covered, relieves the burden of paying from your family and also allows you to choose the type of funeral that you would like.

How do you pay for a funeral?

To simplify arrangements, most people prefer the emotional and logistical support of having someone experienced in arranging funerals to help them. This could be either a traditional funeral director or an established funeral provider.

At Distinct Cremations, we provide cremation only funerals, simple cremations and funeral plans.

Step 1

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Once you have chosen a funeral provider to help you with your arrangements, they will let you know the costs of the funeral you would like. You transfer money directly to them.

Step 2

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Your funeral provider will then take care of most third-party costs and logistics on your behalf. This frees up your time for other aspects of the funeral arrangements like organising a wake.

Step 3

Signing papers

Your funeral provider will advise you about any arrangements you need to make and pay for yourself such as registering the death and paying the £11 fee for a death certificate.

It is possible to arrange a funeral without a funeral director and pay the crematorium fees directly or burial costs straight to the burial site.

However, the emotional toll of caring for the deceased before the funeral and transporting them to the funeral means most people prefer having a professional funeral provider to make arrangements on their behalf.

Ways to pay for a funeral

Concern about paying for a funeral is often centred around having the funds available at the time of need to cover the burial or cremation costs. If you're worried arranging a funeral will stretch your finances there may be alternative ways to pay that are better suited to you.

  1. Personal savings
    You can use your own money to pay for someone else's funeral.
  2. The estate of the person who has died
    Money from the deceased person's bank account or from the sale of their property can be used to pay for their funeral.
  3. Government support
    If you already receive financial support from the government, you could be eligible for a payment to help cover funeral costs.
  4. Support from charities
    Some charities can also offer help paying for a funeral.
  5. Funeral plans
    Getting a funeral plan allows you to pay for a funeral in advance and offers the opportunity to spread the cost over 10 years.
  6. Over 50s life cover
    An over 50s life cover policy provides a payout when the policyholder dies but this may not cover full funeral costs.
  7. Life insurance
    A life insurance policy will also provide a payout on death as long as the policy conditions are met.


Who pays for a funeral?

The responsibilities of paying for a funeral are often taken on by the deceased person's spouse or children. Sometimes it is another relative or close friend who takes on the organisation and covers the costs.

The person who has taken responsibility for the funeral arrangements can either pay for it themselves, split the cost with other family members or pay and then claim the money back from their loved one's estate.


Paying for a funeral yourself

If you want to cover your own funeral costs, or you know you’ll be the one paying for the funeral of someone who’s died, you can save up to have the money ready.

Be aware though that the cost of funerals may rise and you may need to top up your savings to make sure you have enough to cover future costs.


Paying from your loved one's estate

If someone dies, the money to cover the costs of their funeral can be taken out of their estate. Access to a person's bank accounts can take some time though and selling a property will usually take even longer.

In the meantime, the person organising the funeral will most likely have to pay upfront with their own money.

How it works with Distinct Cremations

Our affordable cremation funerals offer either a direct cremation without mourners present or a simple attended cremation service. They can be paid for either at the time of need or in advance with a funeral plan.

Find our funeral services below or alternatively you can view our CMA standardised price list.

Arrange a funeral

From £1,099

Whether your loved one has died or is near to death, our caring team will support you with the arrangements from collecting and caring for your loved one to completing all paperwork and facilitating the funeral itself.

Set up a funeral plan

From £1,699 or £18.79* per month

Relax knowing that your funeral arrangements are agreed and paid for, protecting you from any future rise in costs.

* Price advertised is for a 50 year old paying over a 10 year period. Total cost is £2,349.80 and includes administration fees.

Call our compassionate and experienced team on 01543 212000 for more information about our products and services or get a free guide on our website.

Help paying for a funeral

Worried about paying for a funeral? In the instance that you and your family aren't able to pay for your loved one's funeral, government or charity support may be available to you.

Governmental support

You may be eligible for a Funeral Expenses Payment from the government if you already receive benefits, a Bereavement Support Payment if your partner has died or support from the Children’s Funeral Fund for England for a child's funeral.

Charitable support

Some charities provide support to help with funeral costs or to ease the cost of living for bereaved families. Eligibility is often linked to the profession of the person who has died or a specific illness they suffered from during their life.

Friends of the Elderly offers support and grants for older people experiencing financial hardship.

The Child Funeral Charity and React can help cover funeral and memorial expenses that are not covered by the government for children's funerals.

For those working or who worked in a nursing or caring profession, support may be available from the Royal College of Nursing Foundation or The Care Workers' Charity.

Veterans or members of the armed forces could be eligible for financial support with funeral costs from the British Legion, The Soldiers' Charity, the Royal Air Force Benevolent Fund or The Royal Navy Benevolent Trust.

RABI is a charity that provides grants to those in the farming community and The Fishermen's Mission offers support to fishermen.

Bereavement support is available for many more industries like the civil service (The Charity For Civil Servants), the transport industry (Transport Benevolent Fund) and drinks hospitality (The Drinks Trust).

Paying for a funeral in advance

Anxiety you may feel about how you or your family could pay for a funeral in future can be eased by planning ahead. Choosing a no fuss funeral is one way to keep funeral costs low, but you may also like to consider taking out a funeral plan.

A funeral plan, for yourself or someone else, gives you peace of mind that a funeral has been paid for in advance.

Funeral plans

With a funeral plan, the funeral you've chosen will go ahead, regardless of any rising costs in the future. Having a plan in place also makes it clear in advance what type of funeral you would like. Monthly payment options allow you to spread the funeral costs over a longer period of time to make a funeral more affordable.

You can set up a funeral plan for yourself or someone else. We have funeral plans for both our unattended cremation funerals and our personal attended cremation services.

Find out about our funeral plans

There are also other financial products available that offer a payout when someone dies which can go towards their funeral costs.

Over 50s life cover

An over 50s life cover policy pays out a lump sum when the person covered by the policy dies. This money can be used to help cover funeral costs but it doesn’t necessarily cover the full amount so extra may still need to be paid.

Life insurance

Similarly, a life insurance policy gives a payout if the person covered dies whilst their policy is active. Cover is only for the duration of the policy and eligibility to take out life insurance may be subject to medical checks.

Other useful resources

Learn more about the process of organising a funeral and how to make paying for a funeral as affordable as possible. Or if you need to arrange a funeral straightaway, give our compassionate team a call on 01543 212000.

The documents you need to arrange a funeral

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In order for a funeral to go ahead, there is some paperwork that needs to be filled out. If you know you will be arranging a funeral in the near future it can be useful to know what to expect.

See more about funeral documents

Arrange a funeral from £1,099

Arrange a Funeral

Our helpful and experienced team can help you arrange a respectful funeral without frills at a low cost. Get in touch with us for more information about our funeral services.

Arrange a funeral

Save money with low cost funerals

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Funeral costs can vary greatly and the choices you make about the type of funeral and what to include can have a big impact on what you pay. These are some ways to minimise the costs.

Reduce funeral costs

We offer the highest level of support, but don't take our word for it

Below are a selection of reviews from those who have arranged a funeral or purchased a funeral plan through Distinct Cremations.

"Smooth and straightforward purchase with plenty of contact and feedback."

“Easy to use and very helpful. Very easy to use their services and always called with updates. Sorry to say I've had to use their services twice now and I've already booked my own service. On both times I've used this service I've been kept informed by calls to everything going on. All my requests were made to feel like no trouble whatsoever, happy to help attitude made what was a very emotional time pass with no problems. Ty to all the teams involved"

"Quick and easy to arrange. Very good value. The information pack arrived days after I made my enquiry. It was so easy to arrange the plan that I wanted. The follow up call was very reassuring. I am very happy with the service provided."

"Already recommended to other family members. Easy to access and apply for a plan at a good price, and even better, in 20 years time there will be no additional cost. It's not a subject that anyone wants to think about but now I have it sorted it has given me peace of mind knowing my family won't have the worry or cost when that time comes, now I can forget it and enjoy many more years, highly recommended. Hassle free application that was completed in minutes but I'm not planning on using this plan anytime soon!!"

"I was very pleased with the prompt efficient service that I got, everything was explained to me, and the paperwork was easy to understand, and there was no pressure put on me for a decision. I would most certainly recommended this company for price and efficiency."

“Happy with everything. We were well pleased with the consultant Sarah Mills she was very helpful and made us feel very confident that we were doing the right thing about our funeral plan."

"Positive without being pushy. Easy to understand the scheme, helpful brochure and a realistic price. The staff I contacted were polite and professional. Great value. An ideal alternative for those of us who don't want a lot of fuss."

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