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Burial funerals are becoming less popular, partly due to high burial costs when compared with other funeral types.

If you'd like to find out more about our alternative funeral options including direct cremations and simple affordable attended cremations give our friendly team a call.

By being aware of burial costs, you can make sure a burial funeral is within your budget whether you're planning ahead for yourself or arranging a funeral for someone else. Having an idea of the price also allows you to check that the amount you are being charged is in line with the average burial costs and you're not paying too much.

A traditional burial is the most expensive of the modern funeral options available, so you may also like to consider other options for low cost funerals as well as ways you can minimise the cost of a burial.

Burial costs UK

A burial is one of several funeral types available. Knowing how much a basic burial will cost as well as other extras that go hand in hand with a burial-style funeral can help you decide whether a burial is suitable for you.

Average burial cost - £5,077

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The average burial cost in the UK in 2023 was £5,077. This makes burial the most expensive funeral option when compared with the average cost of a cremation (£3,795) and an unattended direct cremation (£1,498).[1]

Popularity of burial funerals

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A burial funeral is a traditional option, but in 2023, only 27% of people[2] chose burial. This may be partly due to the difference between burial and cremation costs and the desire for more affordable funeral alternatives.

Reduced spending on burial extras

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You don't need to spend a lot on additional costs to have a respectful send off. Spending less on extras like flowers, limo hire, order of service sheets and death and funeral notices can help ease the financial pressure.

[1] The average cost of a burial in 2023 was £5,077, a cremation was £3,795 and a direct cremation was £1,498 (SunLife Cost of Dying Report 2024,

[2] In 2023, 27% of funerals were burials, 53% were cremations and 20% were direct cremations (SunLife Cost of Dying Report 2024,

Burial costs by region

Average funeral costs can vary greatly in different areas throughout the UK. Average burial costs are no different so your burial costs may be higher or lower, depending on the region you live in.

Those in London and the West Midlands can expect to pay the most for a burial funeral whereas in Wales and the East Midlands burial costs are substantially lower.

Region Average cost[3]
Greater London £7,637
West Midlands £5,747
South East £5,731
Yorkshire & Humber £5,145
South West £4,972
North West £4,729
Scotland £4,718
North East £4,714
East £4,658
Wales £4,524
East Midlands £4,295

[3] Costs according to independent research carried out by Legal & General in 2022

Alternatives to a traditional burial

As an alternative to a burial, there are more affordable funeral options available. If you think paying for a funeral will leave you financially stretched or you would rather use the money that would have gone towards a funeral elsewhere, you could consider a simple cremation funeral or an unattended cremation only instead.

Choosing a low cost funeral can alleviate the stress of covering funeral costs or free up money for a more personal celebration of life in memory of a loved one.

Cremation with Distinct
A fuss-free funeral with Distinct Cremations
  • An unattended cremation without mourners or an intimate attended cremation for close friends and family
  • A service without pomp and ceremony giving you the freedom to include personal touches
  • A compassionate and attentive team to answer questions and support you with paperwork
  • The option to organise a separate celebration of life that's personal and unique to your loved one
  • Cheaper than a traditional funeral, with prices starting from just £1,199
Traditional Funeral
A traditional burial
  • A burial funeral held in a conventional setting like a church or chapel with mourners present
  • A formal and traditional service that usually follows a fixed format and may have less flexibility
  • Funeral and service coordination from a funeral director
  • Service may include extras like a hearse, limousines and pallbearers and is usually followed by a wake
  • Costs on average £5,077[4] for a burial funeral
    [4] The average cost of a burial in 2023 (SunLife Cost of Dying Report 2024,

Another way to minimise funeral costs is to choose and pay for a funeral in advance with a funeral plan. At Distinct Cremations, we offer funeral plans for small and pared-down attended cremations as well as cremation only plans.

If you'd like more information about our funeral plan options, give our empathetic team a call on 01543 211997.

Breakdown of burial costs

A burial funeral generally follows a traditional format. Depending on the funeral provider you choose, some extra aspects like transport or a more extravagant coffin may be included in the price. Choosing a burial funeral that includes these additional extras means they will be reflected in the cost and you will pay more.

These are some of the most common additions but if you would rather avoid these costs, a simple funeral could be a better choice for you.

Burial Service In Chapel

  • Coffin
  • Headstone
  • Burial plot
  • Burial fees
  • Minister
  • Church or chapel
  • Funeral director
  • Pallbearers
  • Hearse
  • Family transport
  • Flowers
  • Order of service
  • Death notice
  • Memorial event/wake

Our simple low cost funerals

At Distinct Cremations, we specialise in cremation funerals and offer simple cremation services as well as wholly unattended cremations. Our unattended and attended cremations offer pared-back and cost-effective alternatives to traditional burial funerals.

Find our services below or alternatively you can view our CMA standardised price list.

Unattended Cremation

From £1,199

Our unattended cremation is a great choice for those looking for a simple, low-cost unattended cremation without a funeral ceremony. Unattended cremations take place with no service or mourners present at our high-quality crematoria where dignified care is guaranteed throughout.

Attended Cremation

From £1,599

Our attended, personal cremation is perfect for those looking for a fuss-free farewell and a final chance to say goodbye. With our dignified and affordable attended cremations you can have up to 8 people attend a 10 minute service or up to 20 people attend a 20 minute service.

How to reduce burial costs

You may be sure that a burial funeral is right for you, either for religious reasons or simply because of personal preference. If so, there are still ways to avoid high costs by simplifying the burial service.

Some of these cost savings apply to other funeral types too so they can be useful if you're still deciding on the type of funeral you would like to arrange for a loved one or would want for yourself.

  1. Consider a natural burial site rather than a traditional cemetery or graveyard as these tend to be cheaper and also have the added benefit of being environmentally friendly.

  2. Choose a less popular date and time. Funerals in the morning on weekdays can be cheaper than those on weekends or out of hours.

  3. Choose the burial ground in an area where your loved one was a local resident. Costs are likely to be cheaper for residents than for those from different areas.

  4. Ask family members or close friends of the deceased to be pallbearers rather than paying for people to provide this service.

  5. Keep floral arrangements simple or skip having them altogether. Flowers are expensive and will not last for long.

  6. Choose a plain coffin and modest headstone rather than the more ornate options which can cost significantly more.

  7. Drive yourself to the funeral rather than hiring a funeral car or limousine for family transport.

  8. Consider not having an order of service at the funeral or creating a funeral notice, death notice or obituary. A personal eulogy can be read at the funeral in front of loved ones instead.

  9. Keep the wake simple by hosting it at home, asking for help from friends and family or having an alternative memorial event like a family visit to the grave.

  10. If your mind is not yet made up about burial, research alternative funeral choices to know your options and make the best-suited decision for you and your family.

Other useful resources

Find out more about the other funeral types available or please give us a call on 01543 212000 to speak to us about our affordable and dignified cremation services.

Alternative low cost funeral options

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Still deciding on the type of funeral you would like to arrange? See how lower cost funeral options compare to burial costs.

See more about low cost funerals

Different ways to pay for a funeral

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Not knowing how much you will need to pay for a funeral and when to pay can be stressful. Getting prepared in advance can ease your concerns.

How to pay for a funeral

Arrange a funeral from just £1,199

Arrange a Funeral

Our knowledgeable and respectful team can help you arrange a cremation funeral for a loved one with dignity and care at a low cost.

Arrange a funeral

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Anon 30 May 2024
first class
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Excellent communication, very helpful and we got just what we wanted in a service. Highly recommended and we will use again. Mark Oliver
Anon 2 May 2024
Service very efficient, and comprehensive. Understandably, you "chased me up" when there was a delay in my response to place an order, but this delay was whilst I contacted all those relatives who might have had a view to express.
Anon 24 Apr 2024
I was very happy with the service I received and they are only a phone call away if I or my sons should need advice or help in any way
Wendy 8 Apr 2024
This is a good company, the cremation was dealt with very smoothly without any problems. The staff were very courteous and professional throughout. Everything was explained over the phone and they were very patient answering my questions. The ashes were delivered on time to my door. Highly recommended.
Anon 7 Apr 2024
They gave a superb service, they were very professional from start to finish, but also friendly and empathetic too, at what was a very difficult time for myself and the family
Anon 6 Apr 2024
Dee was lovely and understanding and advice was easy to understand
Anon 5 Apr 2024
Very kind and helpful lady. She talked me through everything that I asked her about.
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