How much does a funeral cost

Since 2004, the price of funerals has gone up every year. With add-ons like hearses, flowers, and fees all adding up, the cost of a funeral can come as a shock to many. With Distinct Cremations you can have a dignified affordable funeral that doesn’t cause any unnecessary financial distress.

Funeral Costs

With the average funeral now costing around £9,263, many people have said they are struggling to afford a funeral when the need arose. In recent research conducted by Distinct Cremations, 23% of people admitted they would likely need to resort to taking out a loan to fund a funeral. A further 15% of respondents also said they would be pushed to crowdfund to cover the costs.

There are lots of things to think about when arranging a funeral. Distinct Cremations offer simple, low-cost direct cremations for a dignified send-off without all the expenses.