Attending a Funeral

Find helpful information, tips and do's and don'ts when attending a funeral, cremation or celebration.
Find helpful information, tips and do's and don'ts when attending a funeral, cremation or celebration.

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A simple guide to attending a funeral

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Frequently asked questions

Cremation services typically last between 15 and 45 minutes, depending on the type of service chosen. For an unattended cremation there’s no service held before the cremation takes place.

There’s no limit on how many people can attend a wake, only as many as the organiser and venue are comfortable with.

A wake is a social gathering that takes place either before or after a funeral.

A cremation is a type of funeral where the body of the deceased is burned and turned into ashes rather than buried.

You’re free to visit any of our crematoria, within their opening hours, to view the grounds and facilities ahead of time.

It typically takes between one and two weeks for the funeral to take place, although this time can increase if there are outstanding factors such as the need for an inquest. Funerals mayalso be delayed if there's limited availability at the crematorium.

Many of our crematoria allow the attendance of pets by prior arrangement. Let your Customer Service Advisor know about your plans and they can make all of the arrangements for you.