New Year's Resolution: plan your own funeral

- 06/01/22

The new year is a great opportunity to reflect on the last twelve months and make promises to yourself about self-improvement over the next year. Many people make resolutions about their health, like trying to save a bit more or starting a new hobby. While these are all good things to do, why not take the chance to plan ahead with a prepaid funeral plan.

Having a funeral plan in place comes with a long list of benefits. So, we’ve put our heads together to come up with our top reasons why making a funeral plan should be your new year’s resolution for 2022.

It’s something you need to plan for

Arranging your funeral might not be at the top of your to-do list but having a plan in place is really important. When deaths do occur, there can be a sense of confusion, especially around funeral wishes. Is this what your loved one wanted? Are you making the right arrangements? Making these decisions, particularly at such a difficult time, can put loved ones under added stress.

Regardless of whether a death is expected or unexpected, the same questions around funeral planning will need to be answered. Having a plan in place is like an instruction book left behind for friends and family. Sorting a funeral plan out and having your wishes detailed in advance is a great way to help make things easier for your grieving loved ones. A funeral plan means they’ll have everything they need in one place and they can be happy knowing the funeral happens according to your wishes.

Funeral plans are better when done early

Putting a funeral plan in place tends to work best when put together nice and early. They can always be revisited and changed further down the line. This means that if anything unexpected happens, you can give peace of mind to your loved ones that everything is taken care of.

It’s so easy to put off doing things like taking out a funeral plan year after year, especially if you’re still fit and healthy. But by taking the time to plan for the future you’ll be caring for not only yourself but your family too.

You can communicate your funeral wishes with your family

Sometimes family members pass without funeral arrangements even being discussed. Children can be left wondering what a parent wanted and spouses don’t know how their partners wanted to say goodbye. By planning ahead you can have those conversations with your family well in advance of the actual event.

Talking about your funeral wishes helps to get everyone on the same page and removes some of the stress of funeral planning. While they’ll still feel a great sense of loss when the time comes, your loved ones will also be able to draw comfort from knowing your expectations were laid out in advance and met by them. Opening up this dialogue well ahead of time also allows you to discuss your wishes with your family, and you may even be able to take inspiration from their ideas.

You can ease the financial burden

Funerals can be quite expensive depending on the options and arrangements made. Rather than your loved ones having to deal with a surprise cost, a funeral plan means you’ll have paid everything off well in advance. Funeral plans are also set at the same price as when they’re taken out. This means they avoid charges relating to inflation or general price increases.

Planning and preparing for the future can be a little overwhelming, but sorting it out really does help reduce stress in the future. If you do decide that taking out a funeral plan is your resolution for 2022 then let us help you. Our team is on hand to help guide you through the process and answer any questions you may have.

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